2016 has really been an eye opener for me.  I started off the year doing something I NEVER thought I’d so. Starting a business has been the most terrifying thing I have done honestly.  Im the type of girl who lives by structure.  I’ve always had a fear of the unknown. I’d say I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my own life.  So deciding to step out on faith and just do something unexpected …… scared the shit out of me.

One of the things that really motivated me and put some things into perspective came from a well-known celebrity’s’ book.  LaLa Anthony wrote her second book called The Power Playbook.  I absolutely recommend it for anyone who is trying to take themselves to the next level.  This book taught me about fear, and how to deal with it.  I learned to use my fear in order to move in the right direction.  I learned that fear is good! Most people don’t look at fear in a positive light, but when you think about it , fear is a powerful tool if used correctly.  Fear can save your life at times.  Fight or flight kicks in and sometimes you escape with your life.  In my case, I was so afraid, I just did it. I know it sounds strange, but it worked.

I got my start in radio promotions at Radio One in Indianapolis and was able to grow my network there.  I noticed that I had a talent.  I was never really a star struck kind of girl, so that allowed me to look past the celebrity glam and get down to business.  I have always been good at keeping in contact with people and nurturing relationships.  Before you knew it, I was texting record reps from Columbia, talking to marketing reps at MMG, and even working for a well-known record rep from the Midwest.  All because I knew how to keep in contact, offer my services whenever needed and just get in there and do it! That’s how I came to love PR.

I’ve been able to meet some really dope people along the way. My industry friends mean a lot to me and I cherish them all.  They’re all poppin in their own right and sometimes I just think “WOW. That’s MY circle!”  All in all, I am extremely happy with my decision to start Power PR and Marketing and look forward to seeing what 2016 brings! Lets get it poppin!