I thought I’d start off my blog posts giving props to some amazing people in my circle!

So , as some know already, I got my start in the industry through working promotions at Radio One Indianapolis.  I got a chance to meet some really great people and built my network from the ground up.  Through my network, I have been privileged to become friends with a young on air personality named Brian James. We clicked from the first time we met and have been like brother and sister since.

Brian recently wrote a book, The Man Who Didn’t Stop Running, a romance novel about a man who recounts the relationship he has with his wife and the countless times that LOVE LITERALLY saved his life.  I know what your saying.  A romance novel? Written by a male author? hmmmmmm……. Trust me. Its definitely not what you think.  I started reading this and was hooked immediately.  Its rare to find a man who writes like this.  With honesty and most importantly transparency.  Most people are blind to the fact that men can and do have deep feelings and want to be loved just like women.  It was refreshing to see a similar message from a different point of view.  This book is a definite suggested read for both men and women! Go buy it on amazon right now!

Ill be sure to throw in some more book reviews soon.  I have about 4 more on my list right now! Young Black Authors Rock!!!!