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Hey Rashia, Its been a while since we last talked! How are you!? Why haven’t we seen you in so long!!!

Thank you, yes it has been awhile. I’m actually good really in a good place and blessed. Yes I took about 2.5 months off. Being in this industry can sometimes be extremely hard and it can take tremendous toll on you and sometimes you just need to stop, breath, and take some time to your self. You know? Kind of do some self reflecting, reevaluate some things, and really figure things out. And that’s what I did. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I just got back to work in March and I feel so refreshed, brighter and just excited even more now about this journey!!


Tell us whats new career wise. Any new projects coming up?

Yes my new film Bolden should be out in a few months. It was set for a November release but the studio pushed it back a few months. It’s the biopic of jazz legend Buddy Bolden who studied under Louis Armstrong. It has a great cast myself, Yaya Decosta, new comer Gary Carr who plays Buddy and a a few others. My role in this film is really going to surprise many so I’m very proud. There are two more things in the works that I’m excited to be apart of but for contract reason I am not allowed to disclose…but I’m ready for the world to see.


Ok well we might as well jump right in!


There has been so much stuff going on in the entertainment industry lately; from K. Michelle and Angela Ye to the Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell situation. Things have gotten crazy! Im sure you have heard about the whole Kehlani Kyrie Irving suicide attempt situation. A lot of people don’t have sympathy for her because they felt like she did it for attention by posting the picture online. What are your thoughts on the power of social media and the effects of cyber bullying?

You want my honest opinion? Social media is the devil. During my hiatus, I also took a break from social media. Social media has become a major barrier for many meaning they use it to boost their confidence, judge and bully others behind a screen because they know the other person can’t do anything to them. Its made people communicate less and I really have come to not like social media very much. If it wasn’t for my team being on me about it I wouldn’t be on it at all lol. Cyber bullying within itself is a major issue and social media helps it!! It goes back to other being able to judge, and bully someone behind a screen because they know there’s really nothing the other person can do about it. I guarantee if some of these cyber bullies would be seen in public they wouldn’t say half of the things they do.


A lot of people don’t feel empathetic for Kehlani, calling her an attention whore and selfish for wanting to take her own life.  Have you ever had to deal with the suicide of a friend or family member and how did you recover from that loss?

It’s so funny I was just discussing this with someone. I found out about it a day after she did it. After reading I honestly don’t think she did it for attention at all. I see a 20 year old young girl making normal 20 year old mistakes but the difference is like the rest of us she’s in the public eye so for whatever reason as usual many think “she’s not human”. The rest of the world has to understand we’re human and make mistakes just like anyone else. She admitted to her feelings and expressed why. Many are so quick to judge someone going through depression or a time Iike Kehlani is and really don’t even know what that person is going through. Depression is extremely real and hard to deal with. I can publicly say that is part of the reason for my hiatus I fell into depression. From experiencing it first hand, and now being out of it it’s extremely hard to battle and many different emotions all at once. Fortunately I haven’t known anyone to pass away because of suicide, but I have come in contact with others who had the thought. I don’t want to turn into a bishop here lol but My advice to anyone going through anything of that nature is to seek God and trust that he will get you through.


Ive been seeing you involved in a lot of fashion events. Fashion shows and red carpet events.  How would you describe your style? Do you want to get into fashion one day? In what way? Modeling or designing?

Yes I have been!! As a kid I loved fashion and now as I grow in my career I’m finally realizing how deep my passion for it is. I would describe my style in three words Rashia, Classy, and chique. I like different pieces so that’s why I said Rashia. I love to look and feel like a beautiful goddess and really like a young classy woman. I think I’m already heading to getting “into” fashion. Funny you asked about modeling. I was so against it in the beginning of my career only wanted to do strictly acting. Here lately my team talked me into getting into a few modeling things to test the waters since they think I’m “photogenic” and I actually have to say so far so good I like them!! As you can see here in the new spread with you guys.


We all know that you and Joc aren’t together anymore, but are you guys still friends? We thought you two made such a cute couple!

(Laughing) Aww thank you so much. Yes many thought Jasiel and I were a very cute couple. Since separating  I haven’t spoken to him in a few months. He’s a great guy, but sometimes things just don’t work out when two people are on different paths. I believe we’ll always remain friends and I wish him nothing but the best.


Who’s the new guy in your life? We saw you at the superbowl with hearts and stuff!


Wouldn’t you like to know..lol but right now I am SINGLE!!! I do have a few friends and that one in particular I did support him on his big day. Honestly right now I’m not looking for or wanting anything serious. Since coming back to work I’m extremely focused on my career and just really building my brand.

What are some hobbies or yours? What do you like to do outside of acting?

You know this is so hard for others to believe but when I’m not working I’m usually at home. I’m such a home body I like to snuggle up on the couch in leggings or sweats and read or watch television. Outside of that I like to go kart, and SHOP. I don’t party much, not really my style lol.


Who would you work with if you had the chance to?

I would say Dihann Carrol. She’s truly the reason I got into acting. She’s so versatile and others like her, Ruby Dee, and Cicely Tyson did so much in their time to pave the way for us African American actresses in today’s society. I work very hard to make sure their not disappointed in any way.


What genre is the hardest to cover for you?

I actually don’t know, I would say maybe comedy because I haven’t had the chance to do any work involving comedy yet.


What character have you played that was really difficult for you? And why? How did you overcome that obstacle?

I don’t want to give out to much yet but I would say my character In “Bolden”. When I received that role my work in there required for me to do something I’ve never done before. I was so glad I got to tackle that so early on…..you’ll just have to wait and see.


Unfortunately, we are out of time but we would love our fans to be able to interact with you via social. Where can they find you?

My social media outlets are

Facebook: Rashia Whitlock

IG: @rashiawhitlock

Twitter @rashiawhitlock


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